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Customer Service 

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hi I am Jodie and I am the owner of Virtually Organised.  Helping you achieve something special is what I am here for.  I have been in business since May 25 2009 (not that I am counting, just super nerdy and proud).  


I go by many names...Virtual Assistant, Jodestar, lifesaver, calmer and the odd person can say I am a little bit passionate.  I am here to simply look after you! My clients have a well balanced life.


Kirsten Howton

She recently took me from a state of fear and panic to one of confidence and comfort. I now don't have to worry about losing any of my valuable photos and information as she has me flying high in the cloud. Jodie....your delivery is so polished and experienced...and so easy to understand....thank you!


Ingrid Bayer, VA Institute

Working with Jodie on my recent website update has been hassle-free and fun! Jodie got the job done in record time (after I had unfortunately been hacked), and the website was exactly what I was looking for!


Taryn, Taryn & Co

I was in quite the pickle earlier in the week and Jodie put her hand up to help me.

With a fiddly, tedious job (in my opinion) that took me 5 hours to not even get close to finishing, Jodie was able to breeze through it in no time at all. And apparently enjoyed it!

Her communication with me was consistent throughout the whole process and she is an absolute delight to work along side.

I am excited to have stumbled upon Virtually Organised when I did, my business is in the growth stage and fast becoming too busy for me to do everything myself. It will be an absolute honour to continue working with Jodie & Virtually Organised in 2016 and beyond.  Taryn & Co.