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Back to school and the dreaded contact wars

Goal for 2017….to be organised in my personal life!

I know, I know, you might be thinking what a stupid thing to say.  But you heard correctly, yes I can organise everyone around me but my home life can be chaotic! Last year I didn’t buy any of the school books until the week before the kids went back to school and I realised I had missed the boat.  I felt like the mum that drinks wine out of a coffee cup and arrives to school in pyjamas. Oh no Bridget Jones moments for me this year, I am totally channeling Devil Wears Prada instead.

So off I go to our local shopping centre and arrive at BIG W.  They have a sale on books this week, nothing was going to stop me.  To my surprise the poor staff didn’t have all the boxes open and a few shelves empty (well this is a first for me).  In true fashion I just wanted to take a picture for proof as I know all my friends would think bollocks for sure.  Thankfully I have a twelvie in the house that did that for me via her social media account.  Oh and the moment of glee when I ran into my daughter’s new high school teacher.  Tick for very organised family.

So I proceed to Target to find the cutest contact paper and I am talking seriously cute.  Back to School brand at $3.00 a roll and let me say it’s the best contact I have ever ever used. So far one roll has covered four A4, 128 page books and still plenty on the roll to go.  Not one bubble, not one tantrum, not one F-bomb and not one wine required.

So far my goal to be mother of the year is on track and I look forward to sharing many stories to come.  I look forward to returning to work tomorrow and kicking some serious goals for my clients in 2017.

#Backtoschool #contact #organised #parent

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