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Coffs Harbour has its own Virtual Assistant

My personal story on how I became a Virtual Assistant and a work at home mum.

Where do I start… I start from the minute I fell pregnant with my 3rd child, do I start with the days when I was young, single and working on the front desk at the Airport Park Royal Sydney Airport.

Short and sweet.  Started answering phones at Pelican Beach Resort in Coffs Harbour, front desk at Airport Park Royal, personal assistant for 7 doctors at Immediate Health Care (worked my bum off), landed an amazing job with a financial and superannuation company on the front desk as a receptionist (loved getting the flowers on a Friday but hated the day my skirt fell off while standing in reception).  Note to young and upcoming secretaries, do not wear wrap around skirts.  I then made my move into the big boys (sorry cannot name drop) and those Friday afternoons on the Mercantile Mutual yacht I will never forget.  Life was good and loved working hard.

7 years later……………… 2 kids and back at work……….. OMG I am pregnant again………26 weeks later………………. Having a well deserved night out with hubby and my waters broke (you are kidding me)……………..

  I don’t remember much of the next few years apart from sitting with a nurse and Emily’s pediatrician at 2am and saying I want to go back to work but what can I do? Dr Naidoo said to me “Work from home”!

Welcome to Virtually Organised, based in Coffs Harbour and proud to support some pretty awesome clients!  I currently have clients from all over Australia who are all in different fields of work and look after social media that is viewed by over 100 thousand people.

Emily is doing super well now and I love my business and family to bits.  Emily and I are excited about the next adventure in July 2012.  Our little girl thanks to Julie Ross Dance Studio has been given the chance to go to America to dance in Disneyland.  We can’t wait.  We are fundraising and we are looking for corporate sponsorship.

Thanks for listening and I hope I have inspired you to live life and enjoy the journey.  The journey hasn’t been easy and from the bottom of my heart of want to thank my family, friends, the medical teams and whoever I have forgotten that has shaped our journey.  Thank you.

I am now in my 5th year in business as a virtual assistant and I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

Mwah Jodie xx

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