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Facebook logos for business pages

Today I had a new experience, I had the pleasure of learning what “silent tagging” is all about.  There are some fantastic sites out there called Shezza’s tagging mad, Quiet Tagging Party and Sip and Shop.

These sites ask you to log in as yourself and add your business name.  In return they ask you to like the others that are on the same list or same message on a wall.  Simple but effective if you actually connect with the new found likers.

My initial thought was what do I do with my new found likers.  It’s the same concept as a new business card.  ENGAGE and BUILD a RELATIONSHIP with them.

So here is my little effort for today. After visiting over 200 pages and liking them all, I was amazed that only a very small percent were using the Facebook logo or landing pages to full capacity. This really is a very simply step and a something that I love and passionate about.

Hope you like what I have done (included before and after)


After I have had a play

And playing around with colours I also liked:

And another one that I did this morning:

And after I had a little play:

First impressions count and I love my job and passionate about using it to the full potential.

Another day completed and a happy one at that.


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