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GMAIL tabs

Are you using Gmail tabs?

With Google’s most recent inbox changes, your e-mails may now start showing up in the “Promotions” folder (on the far right!)- completely by-passing your “Primary” inbox.

If you want to keep these new Gmail sorting tabs because you think they’ll be valuable, here are a few steps to ensure you still receive your important emails:

Step 1: Go to the Promotions Tab (far right tab)

Step 2: When you find an email from the person you want to keep in the primary section (It can be any email & YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE!) – drag and drop the email into your “Primary” inbox (far left).

FINAL STEP: Then, you’ll get an alert saying, “This conversation has been moved to “Primary. Do this for future messages from” And click “YES!

Search Inbox tabs and category labels

Your messages are classified into categories such as Promotions, Social and Updates. You can choose to use categories as inbox tabs, and as labels. These categories make it easy to focus on messages that are important to you and read messages of the same type all at once.

Scribbles for GMAIL

Watch the video to learn how to use Scribbles, available in the Gmail iOS app and in your mobile browser. Learn more by reading this help center article:

Jodie from Virtually Organised.

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