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Infusionsoft Training

When was the last time you heard about a software, system or program that you just started salivating over the possibilities it could bring into your life? Think about when Twitter and Facebook came onto the scene, what would have happened if you had bypassed the opportunity to utilize these tools for your biz? Ouch that would have been a colossal mistake, right?

Well, just as they were once new comers we have a ‘new’ newcomer to the marketing scene called Infusionsoft. Maybe you have heard of it… maybe it is a great mystery to you, or maybe you are like me salivating at all it is offers! No matter where you are on the understanding my friend Tina Forsyth is about to UNVEIL the opportunity Infusionsoft offers!

So here’s the pitch if you are in the virtual service industry (marketer, VA, OBM, strategist) or you have virtual service folks on your team you need to listen up:

Online Business Manager Academy is offering the “Infusionsoft: What it is and Why I Care” FREE teleclass with host Tina Forsyth!

Already taste the sweet goodness of this opportunity? Find out more here:

On the call Tina will share:

What is Infusionsoft? (Hint: it’s much more than a shopping cart!) Why is it so popular with biz owners? (There is a reason so many are making the switch.) How does it compare to other shopping cart, broadcasting and autoresponder systems out there? (There are some key benefits to Infusionsoft vs. other tools.) Is this a worthwhile skill set to add to your business? (It’s not for everyone, but if your role involves supporting clients’ business efficiency and growth, you MUST consider learning Infusionsoft.)

I told you it was sizzling HOT! But the question is will you get “BURNT”? Don’t miss the opportunity to find out for yourself if this is the best option for you or your clients!



P.S Are you leading the way or are you playing catch up? It’s up to you.. but if you want to lead the way best you learn from the experts!

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