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My 5 tips to staying organised

Organise: Arrange into a structured whole; order: “organise lessons in a planned way”.

I had the absolute privilege to speak to over 100 women in Coffs Harbour this morning .  I was so nervous (actually I was a lot worse than nervous).

I was asked to speak on 5 ways to stay organised or get organised.  So in a nut shell here are my 5 tips.

1. Energy Management NOT time management is the key to maximum productivity.

2 The two minute rule:  If it can be done in 2 minutes do it now.

3  Stop trying to do everything at once – nothing gets done with 100% focus.  If you need to multi task write your thoughts down.  Get a list together.  Start on the most complex task.

4 Eat that Frog: Decision, discipline and determination.   Plan every day in advance.  Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

5 Ask for help and learn to say NO!   Say NO to anything that is not high value on your list.  For you to do something new you must complete or doing something old.

Off to do some of those larger tasks now and look forward to my reward of gratitude at the end.  Remember the payoff and rewards will be tremendous.  Don’t start with the low value tasks.  What can I and only I do that is done well and will make a difference. Jodie

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