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Random Act of Kindness

Random act of kindness

I’m not sure where to start today.  Breathe……..stop being a cry baby (OH HAPPY TEARS).

My beautiful daughter and a wonderful group of kids have been chosen to dance next year in America.

They actually get to dance up the main street of Disneyland.

There are around 30 kids dancing with my daughter being the baby of the group at the perfect age of 7.

I have been amazed at the families involved.  We have been cooking BBQ’s, selling pies and chocolate frogs.  Nothing is to hard, nothing is a drama.  My daughter has never felt like her epilepsy is an issue and that I say a massive thank you to the kids and the their families and of course to the wonderful teachers who sometimes have to wait for Emily to have an absent seizure before going onto the next move.

While I was selling my pies I had one of my son’s mates mum from school say to me that they would give me a cheque instead of buying pies.  Today while at karate she handed me a cheque for $500.00.  I was blown away!  She said this is for the kids and smiled.

To you my dear friend, THANK YOU.

I promise to take a picture while those kids are living a dream!


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