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Skype has a search option

Skype has a search option

I had no idea…..honestly! Did you know that you can search and find a specific message in Skype?  For a very long time I would scroll through my messages to try and find a specific request that a client had sent me or a missing code or what time the dinner date was on.

Today was a perfect example of my mission to beat the scroll. (I must point out that this blog is talking about Skype on my desktop).  A client had sent me a task and I had to find if it was via Skype, email or SMS.  Once I eliminated the email and SMS I turned to the dreaded Skype!  Being a busy Virtual Assistant means my Skype can get pretty hectic.

Anyways….check this out!

Click on the person/contact that you need to search.  Then select Conversation and a drop down menu will appear, then click on Find (or Ctrl + F).

Skype search first to do

Searching through messages using Skype.

Once you have clicked on Find you will see a new little tool bar (see below) show up down the bottom of your Skype chat and this my friends is where we type our magic word.

Skype search

The word you are searching for will show up (highlighted) and you can select next to find the same word if it is used multiple times.  This little find has just saved me hours of scrolling through old messages.  Please leave a comment below if you think this little tip is a keeper or if you would like me to research anything that drives you bonkers.

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Until next time…

Jodie Hodges Virtual Assistant

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