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Supporting local business - sharing the love

Supporting local businesses is important for several reasons:

  1. Strengthening the local economy: When you buy from local businesses, you are keeping your money within the local community, which in turn helps to strengthen the local economy. This can lead to job creation and increased economic activity, benefiting everyone in the community.

  2. Building community: Local businesses often have a stronger connection to the community, and supporting them helps to foster a sense of community and pride. Local business owners are often active members of the community and are invested in making it a better place to live.

  3. Supporting entrepreneurship: Small local businesses are the backbone of entrepreneurship and innovation. Supporting local businesses helps to promote and encourage new business ventures and ideas, which can lead to the creation of new jobs and economic growth.

  4. Maintaining unique character: Local businesses often offer products and services that are unique to the area and contribute to the distinctive character of the community. By supporting local businesses, you help to preserve the local identity and maintain a sense of place.

Overall, supporting local businesses can have a positive impact on the local economy, community, entrepreneurship, local identity, and not to miss that it just makes you feel good! This delicious treat was picked up yesterday to share in the office today. Find them at The Mudroom Coffs Harbour.

Cannot wait to consume those calories!

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