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Teamwork, family and how we get around it!

Hi, I'm Mitch! The head of the customer support side of things for Virtually Organised and I've had the pleasure of working with Jodes for 2 years now but I've had the even bigger pleasure of being raised by her as she's my own mother.

A lot of people might find it unusual to have a working Partnership with your mum but we make it work. We both know our skills and differences and we use this to help make our jobs easier as a team. To split up our Mother and Son relationship we use whats app or messenger to talk about work-related subjects and our text messages remain for the family business. This helps us break up our different lifestyles, We do this to ensure our work life doesn't leak into our normal lives (Even if it does sometimes).

To make sure we are both on the same page and to keep ourselves organised (A very helpful thing to be whilst both in university and working) we use a website called and Trello. This helps us keep track of tasks that we are working on, Helps us track our time sheets. And because we are both on very different schedules it has made our life so much easier to reason on top of work that needs to be done because we update the site consistently to help one another out.

I love working for my Mum and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat, We have grown into a very strong professional partnership that gets work done with a quick turnover. We push each other's boundaries but that is necessary to be able to grow into the best workers we can be as Virtual Assistants. Having good teamwork is a must for the work style we are a part of and being under Jodes wing for as long as I have has certainly helped me grow into a better VA, Just like the Incredible VA she is today.

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