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What is data entry?

What does it mean?

Data entry is the act of transcribing forms of data into another form, usually a computer program. Forms of data that people might transcribe include handwritten documents, information off spreadsheets from another computer program, sequences of numbers, letters and symbols that build a program, or simple data like names and addresses.

Data entry is not for everyone.  It can be repetitive, mindless, tedious, and boring.  But some of us, like myself, love it.

Some different kinds of data that people might transcribe are handwritten documents in a doctor’s office, spreadsheet info, long sequences of patternless numbers that go toward building a computer program, or the simplest of data like names and addresses for an accounting firm. You may find yourself working a job that is almost exclusively data entry, while others fields that require data entry skills could spend most of their time away from the keyboard — it depends on the job.

Time Management

I record all my times using myhours.  This is a great tool for productivity and reporting.  All my clients get a copy so they can see what hours I have worked on their database or data entry.  This can also be a good way of tracking your own work time, so that you can see which task are taking you the most time.  Some people are surprised when they realise that the small tasks that they perform without paying much attention to, such as entering new email addresses into their email program or saving a new client’s phone number into their tracking software, can add up to a significant portion of their work day.

How important is a good database?

A good database has to capture what is important to the client.  Some people only need up to date email addresses or mobile phone numbers.  Other databases need a lot more fields to make it useful.  I often have to confirm addresses, emails, and other contact details for clients to keep their database up to date.  This is key to having an accurate database and a very useful sales tool.

Well I am about to build a database for the team at Made with Love Markets.

Until next time Jodie

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