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What is Pinterest

Pinterest (pronounced to rhyme with “interest”) is a vision board-styled social photo sharing website and app where users can create and manage theme-based image collections.

Source: via Jodie on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bulletin board used via the web.  Images are grouped together on personalised boards.  Pinterest has grown from 40,000 users to a massive 3.2 millon and growing.

Why use Pinterest?  You can relate to people better with pictures and visuals.  It is just liking ripping pages out of magazines.  You can set dreams and use Pinterest as your vision board.  Use it as a marketing tool for you business.  I have a board I have called” Getting Organised”.  I have a couple of pictures that I have added that I love.

Pinterest now has a iPhone App Version 1.4

Notes direct from Pinterest – We’ve been working on changes behind-the-pins to make our iPhone app speedier, but the update also includes a new look and new features.

So when you get a chance before the holidays, we recommend updating to version 1.4 in the app store for:

  1. Larger images in your feed

  2. Faster search

  3. Better compatibility with iOS 5

  4. Tabs that drop away while scrolling for easier browsing

  5. Saving pins to your Camera Roll

You can connect Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter.  Just go to the dropdown menu About and choose Goodies.  Pretty easy to add to your website without any HTML knowledge.

The latest craze is the sharing widgets for your wordpress site.

 How to start using Pinterest?

You will receive an email with an invite once you have registered your interest.

Pinterest Lingo

Pin:  You can link an image to your board and add a comment

Repin: Other users can repin your content.

Keep you pinned with a next update soon.


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